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Salesforce Integration & Migration Services

We at Codleo understand that a company must keep pace with the times. Therefore to this front, you don’t need to overhaul your business ways but just change your business strategies to derive maximum benefits. We offer customisation options that can smoothen your daily workflow as well as speed up matters. As a Salesforce Integration Service provider, we successfully provide secure, reliable, seamless and scalable integration of with current apps and external cloud services. We are able to seamlessly migrate your data from other applications such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Salesforce. Codleo builds web services within Salesforce which assists a third-party app to share information with Salesforce. We use Data Loaded for manual migration, S2S for Salesforce to Salesforce migration and evaluated third-party tools.

Challenges We Solve

Challenges We Solve By Salesforce Integration & Migration Service

Major Pain Areas of Salesforce integration & Migration

Salesforce integration and migration can prove to be a headache if you are not aware of the processes involved. Without a thorough understanding and planning, it can lead to unwanted situations and failures which are best avoided. Some of the most common challenges we solve by our services are


Starting your cloud journey may seem difficult as migration & integration comes with many issues including and not limited to delays, unexpected costs and resource limitations.

With Coldeo having successfully completed around 1000 integration and migrations, you have come to the right organisation to implement your move to a multi-cloud or hybrid environment. Our experience and expertise translate into a seamless cloud migration & integration. We enable our customers to leverage the many benefits of multi-cloud and hybrid environments without undertaking the burden and allocation of internal resource in the migration process. Our Successful approach amalgamates experience and technology to create a successful cloud migration which is repeatable & predictable. We do it all with an A security rating from Security Scorecard.

Our Process

Our Salesforce Integration & Migration Process

By partnering with Codleo, you can leverage the best data migration & integration tools to facilitate a smooth and seamless transition to Salesforce. We specialize in a variety of data migration software and integration services and the following are the steps which we take for Data Migration.



Identifying Stakeholders



Understanding Data



Preparing Data and a Destination Org



Completing and Verifying a Test Migration



Migrating and Validating Data

Integrating with Salesforce - Overview


Salesforce Integration and API Overview (1)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce data migration is the first step before going live. This is in order to collate all data from your existing system into the purview of Salesforce cloud without facing any loss. Being a onetime task, once the collected data is loaded into Salesforce, the task of migration is completed. It is crucial to avoid errors that could lead to repeating the process or even risk compromising sensitive data.

Migration is a one-time activity; once the data is loaded into the Salesforce org, the migration task is complete. So it is very important to avoid any kind of mistake that could cascade into having to do the whole process again or even risk jeopardizing customers’ sensitive data.
To avoid these issues, here are some best practices for preparing for an efficient data migration:

  • Identify the required fields
  • Determine the order of migration
  • Data Migration Workbook
  • Pre-data migration considerations
  • Data load considerations

The commonest way to testing data and content migrations is data sampling. In this random data/content is selected and inspected to ensure the migration was completed as desired. However this method at times throws up different error conditions as new samples are reviewed. This process works but is based upon an acceptable level of error and an assumption connected to repeatability. Normally we will focus on repeatability and perform three or more iterations of testing and data loads until the client can confirm that we have achieved a reasonable sample

We strive to make the migration process as seamless as possible. However, some key issues which you must take into account and raise with us include:

  • Do you have the requisite tools to organize my data?
  • Do you have a heavy data to be migrated on Salesforce CRM?
  • Do you help me in cleaning up unwanted data?
  • Are you able to filter the duplicate data?
  • Are you able to migrate data from other sources to Salesforce database?

Apart from Salesforce migration services, we provide a bouquet of migration services from other platforms to Salesforce platform.

  • Zoho to Salesforce Migration
  • Sugar CRM to Salesforce Migration
  • Act CRM to Salesforce Migration
  • Sage CRM to Salesforce Migration

  • Comprehensive analysis of business requirements and software.
  • Integration plan
  • Integration solution development and implementation
  • Integration quality assurance
  • Post-delivery support and maintenance

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