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Salesforce CRM Health check lets you view the security settings within your system such as login access policies, password policies, network sessions etc. It is available for both Salesforce Classic and Lightning experience. The editions that support Health check are Professional, Developer, Unlimited and Performance editions. It is an economical way to check if your organization is benefitting from Salesforce CRM and best ways to fuel growth & efficiencies.

Challenges we solve by salesforce CRM Health Check

Our Salesforce CRM Health Check & Business Review is ideal for SMB’s that have seen change or growth in recent years. Maybe you recently deployed Salesforce or have had a change in organisational leadership. Perhaps your company isn’t up to date on new Salesforce updates and features. Whatever the case may be, Codleo Will Make sure you will never face these challenges with your Salesforce CRM

How Codleo Can Help You With You By Salesforce CRM Healthcheck

Salesforce Health Check is a quick and low-cost method to evaluate the value you are getting out of your investment in Salesforce Org. After having spent anything over a year of using Salesforce, conducting a detailed Salesforce Health Check helps you find ways to optimise your Salesforce experience and following are the ways by which codleo will help you with your Salesforce CRM

  • We will review your current usage of your CRM, introduce you to the latest productivity features, and recommend best practices for utilization of technologies.

  • We provide superior expertise in the implementation, integration, and operation of Salesforce CRM systems.

  • Evaluation of your CRM environment to identify the areas that require improvement.

  • Customer service and call center

  • Our team is dedicated in increasing your team’s productivity and efficiency gets your business running smoothly as quickly as possible.

  • Boost your sales and margins

  • Identify hidden cross-sell and up-sell opportunities by predicting customer buying behavior.

  • Mobility and mobile application support

  • Maximize your company’s Salesforce investment and improve user engagement

Our Salesforce CRM Health Process

Codleo analyze the various inputs and identify the gaps between the business process and process supported by the sales process. Based on the analysis we provide an optimization plan to the management team. The plan will include actions like:

Make some simple configuration changes

Clean Up of Data

Integration with other systems

Define new KPI’s and build Dashboards and reports

Fixing existing defects are issues

Executive End-user training

Futures are made here

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  • Contact Management.

  • Practice Management Integration.

  • EHR and EMR Integration.

  • Reporting.

During the health check, detailed analysis of the following should be made:

  • Hardware and infrastructure

  • Disk latency and size

  • Number of users on CRM

  • Disk usage by top tables in CRM database

  • CRM customizations and integrations

  • Security check

  • Network speed and performance

  • CPU utilization

  • System logs

The score is arrived at by a comprehensive formula (based on a number of settings) that determines how well the current security settings meet the Salesforce Baseline Standard. Settings that match/exceed compliance raise your score.