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Salesforce Lightning MigrationSalesforce Lightning Migration

how to get happy lightning user

Salesforce Lightning Migration
how to get happy lightning user

Getting existing users to switch to any new platform – lightning or another can be tricky. It's not easy to get people to make changes and thrive. For successful implementation here are a few suggestions that can lead to a higher rate of successful adoption and usage. So here it goes:

  1. Hand holding is very important. You need to handhold the users at every step of the transition to ensure that their stressors if any are at a minimum if not altogether. This is the only way possible when dealing with customer organizations and their various employees.

  2. Provide detailed training in various formats to enable the users to make a smooth lightning transition. You can provide training through a variety of ways such as training sessions, training videos, or even have a trained human resource stationed as an implant for a day or two to help train people transition. Use training as an effective tool. if you do, then it's a win-win situation. Start the process early to enable a smooth as silk experience,

  3. Last but not the least, find your hidden gems in each Company. These gems are individuals who grasp easily, can play a sterling role in their organizations to help others, be your “eyes and ears” and can help in Project implementation.

Know more about lightning here.

Using the above suggestions is a sure way to ensure a smooth lightning transition. So let 's start to implement it right away.


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