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Tribute To Our Director


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Codleo Consulting announces with great sorrow the untimely demise of its Managing Director, Mrs Bimla Singh, B.Ed. She passed away on 7th December due to a brain stroke.  Born on 2nd May 1956 in the home of a railway employee with a modest income, she was raised in a home of 9 siblings. The financial struggles of the family motivated her to work hard from a young age. She was married to Mr Swaran Singh at the tender age of 18 years and completed her Bachelor of Education thereafter, with the encouragement of her husband.  

She began working as a teacher and became a mentor to many children who were not doing well in studies or had dropped out for various reasons. She was the "wind beneath the wings" of many children who went onto achieve success, thanks to her dedication and perseverance. In 1995, she took the courageous step of opening her own school - St. Samuel Model School in North-West Delhi.  It is a registered school teaching primary education, housed in a modern building with dynamic teachers and children come from far & wide to gain elementary education and is very famous for the education imparted.

A very hard-working lady, she took a personal interest in the lives of her students and spent quality time with them to understand their lives & problems. She played the role of a counsellor to motivate parents to continue the education of their wards. Active to the very end, she did not believe in rest despite many health ailments. A simple lady with high values and deep beliefs, she was the strength of her family, the neighbourhood, the school and Codleo Consulting. She will be missed by many, a void which is heart to fill for all those who knew & loved her.

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