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Steps for successful Salesforce data migration

Steps For Successful Salesforce Data Migration

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Steps For Successful Salesforce Data Migration

Salesforce data migration is the first step before going live. This is in order to collate all data from your existing system into the purview of the Salesforce cloud without facing any loss. The migration of the data is a one-time activity; once the data is loaded into the Salesforce org, the migration task is complete. So, it is very important to avoid any kind of mistake that could cascade into having to do the whole process again or even risk jeopardizing customers’ sensitive data. 

To avoid these issues, here are some best practices for preparing for efficient Salesforce data migration 

Identify The Company’s Goals- To achieve a successful migration the company must be clear in what it would like from the new system. This entails discussion within the company’s various departments and teams to assemble a list of defined goals for the betterment of the company. 

Implementation Plan- A well-documented implementation plan based on extensive discussions with the salesforce vendor partner is crucial for salesforce migration. It details step by step of the entire process, so everyone is familiar and onboard. 

The Migration Team- Besides the vendor’s team, the company must put together a team of its own which will oversee the smooth migration and iron out any chinks. The team should be headed by someone senior who is empowered as well as can sort out intra-departmental issues and egos. Administrators are those who are familiar with Salesforce and other CRMs. They will be handling Salesforce daily. Identify eager and sharp brains in each department who will lead the salesforce usage in the company. Observe their work style and requirements. 

Defining the Company Sales Process- the sales process is defined as customer requirements, sales forecasts, and methodologies aimed at achieving sales objectives. By formulating a sales process meant for Salesforce plays a crucial role when we enter the realm of customization in the migration process. A concrete sales process enables a company to customize salesforce for fields, dashboards, reports, and so on. Every company has a unique sales process that is relevant to their specialty domain. For example, the sales process of a travel firm will be radically different from a firm involved in the culinary business. 

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Data Migration - Scrutiny of data to ensure only relevant and clean data is important to avoid errors and financial losses. Review your existing data flow and salesforce to see how customization will help the company to create/modify objects, data fields, and workflows. This is the most critical step as data is the heart and soul of any company. 

End-user Training – Training of users with engaging, practical, and fun intensive sessions that are curated as per the needs of the company, its departments, etc. are important to increase user adoption and fewer chances of rejection. If the users are happy, the company objectives are met, and everyone comes up with aces. 

Above are listed steps for successful salesforce data migration which we hope will be of use to your company or yours personally. Let us know your experiences by writing in. 


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