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How To Retain Information Learnt

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How To Retain Information Learnt

We all live in an age of information. We are in fact bombarded with information of all types, ever since we are born. That’s why are sent to schools and college to get scholastic education which is very different from life education. An ideal life will have a combination of both. But in this day of so much information, are you or me or any of us able to retain information (at times vital learnings) which we are exposed to in our day to day? Or is there a sensory overload.

Here we will look at some ways which can enable you to memorise/retain information for your own wellbeing:

Self-direct learning in its loosest term refers to the process where you or me, with or without the help of others, diagnose our learning needs, formulate goals and then seek human and material resources for learning. This enables individual to learn at his/her own pace.

Spaced repetition is an effective way of retaining information as it breaks down the information in small, easy to memorise nuggets of information say for example in the form of flashcards.The use of spaced repetition has been shown to increase rate of learning.

Deliberate practice is a method basically aimed at quick, continuous improvement. This could be in the form of completing a crossword puzzle in 30 minutes, remember cell phone numbers of 5 close friends in 10 minutes or memorise 10 words in a new language daily. This kind of practice requires your complete undivided attention. It requires full concentration to achieve results.

Use the methods above to gain results for yourselves, they may work or may not, there is no guarantee. At least attempts at increasing your information retention has been made. Ciao.

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