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Top 6 Qualities of Salesforce Consulting Partners to look out for

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Top 6 Qualities of Salesforce Consulting Partners to look out for

When it comes to CRM, anywhere we go in India or across the globe , everywhere we see Salesforce and Salesforce consulting partners We all know what Salesforce is? what does it do? how does it work? and like everything about Salesforce. But there is a very common question which people usually ask for i.e

Who are Salesforce Consulting Partners? What do they do?

So let me throw some light over the Salesforce Consulting Partner

Who are Salesforce Consulting Partners?

So, Salesforce Consulting Partners are the companies or organizations that work with Salesforce and help other companies to implement, customize, enhance and upgrade their Salesforce CRM at their fullest. Basically, these are the companies that help you to make proper use of your Salesforce CRM.

Also, these companies will help to reach your sales & marketing goals, to upgrade your Salesforce skills and the most important will help you in boosting your business.

Over the years the Salesforce users have increased in large numbers and so is the demand for Salesforce Consulting Partners. Different companies have different reasons to look out for a Salesforce Consulting as per their requirements.

Whether you are a small or large firm, there are always some top qualities of a Salesforce Consulting Partner that you must check before finalizing any consulting company.


Have a look at some qualities of salesforce consulting partner:

1. Salesforce Certified Employees

There many companies which state to be Salesforce Consulting but just saying so is not enough. To be the one the company should have Salesforce certified employees who can help you in implementation and can match your requirements. There are no. of certifications one can earn so as to be successfully certified. Some of the most common yet the necessary certified employees that a consulting should have are as follows:

  • Certified Administrator

  • Certified Platform Developer

  • Certified Analyst

  • Certified Solution Consultant

  • Certified Assurance Consultant

  • Certified Data Architecture Management Designer

  • Certified Integration Architecture Designer

2. Work Experience still matters.

Yeah! Giving chances to newcomers is good but consulting partners with good past experience is the best. A good Salesforce Consulting partner must have proven work experience in different platforms offered by Salesforce such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, etc. in order to handle your projects in appropriate manner.

Maintain transparency and ask them out about the projects handled and experience. This all will help you in deciding whether a particular firm can help you with your Salesforce integration and customization or not. You can also go through the reviews the company has like on AppExchange where you can find the company’s reviews related to previous work.

3. Compatibility always works.

How compatible are you with your partner? This question is also applicable while choosing a consulting firm or company. There should be an easy understanding between you and your consulting partner. The Salesforce has many platforms and Salesforce Consulting companies provide support for these platforms. But before anything else, the Consulting should understand your business and core problems to give you the best possible solution. The same is with you also. You should also understand their procedure to solve any problem. So a good Consulting partner understands your business and delivers solutions that are best for their clients.

4. Blueprint of process.

A consulting partner who has a clear idea about the things is must recommended A Salesforce consulting partner should be able to give you a clear blueprint of all the processes and work that is to be done by them. A prior blueprint of the beginning to end process would help you to understand better whether the firm will be able to work on the given things or not. A Consulting which can’t provide the process chart can never be able to help you. So providing the layout of every single process is one of the best qualities of a good Salesforce Consulting Partner.

5. Good Knowledge about Salesforce Products.

Good knowledge about the field you are involved in is a must and the best. Your Salesforce partner should have knowledge about all the products that Salesforce offers like Salesforce Analytics, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, etc. This is the key quality of any Salesforce Consulting as the firm which itself doesn’t have the knowledge about the products can never help you in implementing or customizing things using these products.

6. A Great problem Solver.

One of the key skills of any Salesforce Consulting partner is to deliver unique, creative and complex problem-solving ideas. Your partner should seek your every problem as unique one and should respond accordingly. So a good and confident problem solving consulting will help you in delivering quick and effective results. This will ultimately uplift your business and helps you to reach the next level of success. In total, a good Salesforce consulting partner should be a good problem solver.

These are some of the characteristics of any Salesforce consulting partner. So before paring up with any consulting this is your prime duty to assure that whether the particular consulting would be helpful for your company or not.

Does your Salesforce partner have these qualities???

And to find a Salesforce Consulting Partner you can Checkout AppExchange from Salesforce

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