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Being a good consultant and a troubleshooter is not easy. If you are looking to take up a consultancy in any field of work, and don’t know how to go about doing it. Here we present some pointers on the A to Z of consultancy and you.

The very first step in consultancy is an investigation. You need to get to the crux of the matter with the client on which process, role or function your inputs are required. Get to know the entire background so that you can formulate a comprehensive solution.  Eg if you are talking to customer service personnel, understand his/her role, issues and how they usually solve problems.

Secondly, get a clear idea from the person/team about their difficulties/issues/pain points. This involves detailed discussions with the team members from where issues even minor ones which hamper the success and working of the team are revealed threadbare. Eg it could be a process which is time-consuming or if anything is missing to speed up the processes.

Thirdly, once you have covered their sore points, the time is come to get to know the exact requirements to enable you to find simple and crystal clear solutions. Requirements come in two different ways, either by the user telling you their requirements or by you uncovering them through their pain points.

Last, come up with solutions based on the above points and consulting. You could present it to the client in a variety of ways such as diagrams, Powerpoint presentations, flow charts, bullet points etc. In this way, the user can visualize how a process is going to work before it’s implemented. Just cut the fluff, and keep it simple. This enables the customer to see clearly the solutions you have arrived without getting tangled in heavy-duty terminology.

Keeping these in mind, you are all set to embark on a career as a consultant with miles to go.

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RS Maan

RS Maan is a Saleforce certified business consultant with 18 years of experience in Business Development, Account Management, Market Research, Sales & Strategy Development, Leadership & Operations in the IT software industry.

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